September 22, 2023

New Resource for Educators – Education ABA Website

My good friend and colleague Kevin Kuhn has recently created a website for educators interested in resources and tools related to applied behavior analysis called Education ABA (also listed on the Resources page of this site).  Given the scope my site, I’m a big fan of the page within this site about Graphing Data.  Contrasted to the various downloads on my site, Kevin’s has many of his graphing templates available in an online form that can be shared through Google Drive.  Below is a preview of the types of graphing templates available on Education ABA.

  • Frequency / Rate Graphing Template (with Goal Line & Trendline)
  • IEP Goal % Graphing
  • ABAB Design Semi-Logarithmic Graph
  • RTI and IEP Behavior Progress Monitoring – Rating / Likert Scale

Directions for using the graphs are built into the graphs themselves so educators can easily use and understand the templates.  Graphs can be adapted and customized and are intended for use in response to intervention (RTI) frameworks and for monitoring goals in Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).

About Caitlin

Caitlin Flinn Bennyhoff, D.Ed., NCSP, is currently employed as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist in Pennsylvania. She completed her doctoral degree in school psychology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Her main interests include response-to-intervention, systems-level change, measuring student growth, and data analysis teams.

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