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NASP Workshops = Success!

Thursday February 24, 2011

With over 200 people in attendance between the two workshops in San Fransisco, Joe Kovaleski, D.Ed. and Caitlin Flinn, M.Ed. shared knowledge of the using response to intervention for special education eligibility. Four criteria of eligibility were discussed, the second focusing specifically on rate of improvement. Participants learned the definition of rate of improvement, reviewed multiple methods for graphing and calculation, and experienced step-by-step instructions for graphing and calculation of rate of improvement based on reviews of research. The new website was announced for the first time to an audience who stated they were very happy to have a helpful resource!



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Rate of Improvement – How To


NASP Convention 2011

NASP - 2011 Convention

NASP - 2011 Convention - Rate of Improvement

Excited for this year’s National Association of School Psychologist’s Convention this week! I’ll be in San Fransisco, CA at the Nikko Hotel presenting with Dr. Joe Kovaleski from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Our workshop provides a model using response to intervention for special education eligibility. Naturally, I’ll be going over how to graph and calculate RATE OF IMPROVEMENT. Should be a nice trip! Hopefully it will bring some traffic to the new website! ~Caitlin

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Welcome to Rate of Improvement – How To

Learning to Graph Rate of Improvement

Learning to Graph Rate of Improvement

In the coming weeks we (Caitlin Flinn and Andy McCrea) will be building this site to contain information and helpful templates for graphing and calculating rate of improvement.

“Our mission is to make tools accessible for educators that ultimately lead to better instructional decisions for students.”

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