June 25, 2024

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Effect and Cause

You know you’re a behaviorist when you hear a song with the following lyrics and get excited…. “You just can’t take the effect and make it the cause” Thank you, White Stripes! Listen to the song, here.


New Resource for Educators – Education ABA Website

My good friend and colleague Kevin Kuhn has recently created a website for educators interested in resources and tools related to applied behavior analysis called Education ABA (also listed on the Resources page of this site).  Given the scope my site, I’m a big fan of the page within this site about Graphing Data.  Contrasted […]


Emerging Best Practice for Determining ROI #1

As part of my dissertation, I’ve compiled a list of what I think are emerging best practices for determining rate of improvement.  In other words, what are the necessary conditions for having confidence in the ROI statistic?  The first emerging best practice I’m considering is the use of technically adequate and psychometrically sound measures.  If […]


Q&A – Realistic vs. ambitious goals for early literacy skills

  Great question from Beth: I have seen where there is a chart to show what a realistic vs. ambitious goal for Rate of Improvement is for R-CBM or Oral Reading Fluency but is there a chart like that for Letter Naming Fluency or Letter Sound Fluency?  Or can the ROI charts for R-CBM charts […]


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